Our Craftsman Bathroom

Because sometimes painting stripes makes you happy.

Well let's be honest, it's the moment when you peal back that tape to see the clean cut lines that make you the happiest. So if you haven't used frog tape. YOU. MUST. Joy, seriously, pure joy! Worth every penny.

I finally painted my makeup box and the bathroom is complete. It only took me a year, but hey, I did it! So with no further ado: our bathroom.


I'm not sure what I'll do when pendant banners go out of style. I'm kinda in love with them . . . and ruffles. When everyone has moved on in 20 years (or maybe everyone has moved on and I don't even know!) I'll probably still be sportin' mine like it was shag carpet. Eh, makes me happy.

Okay normally I'm opposed to pedestal sinks because of the lack of storage space. But check out those drawers AND cabinet space AND large mirror that opens up to shelving. Can I say spoiled?! I can even fit a whole Costco size package of toilet paper in there not to mention all my cosmetology supplies! Amazing, right? If we ever build our own home something to keep in mind for sure!

Say hello to my first-aid kit. Unfortunately I haven't found somewhere in the house that it can be tucked out of sight AND out of reach. I know it's an eye sore, but no sense in leaving a first-aid kit under the bed where your toddler is going to get in and OD on bubble gum flavored medicine (and mine probably would!).

So there you have it. Our bano. Minus the floor rug that's in the wash. And the smelly diapers. Some things are better kept at a distance. You're welcome. 

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