My name is Shelley Fitzgerald and I am married to a wonderful man who supports me in all my endeavors (or at least we tell each other that as he is wading through the living room, biting his tongue about the disaster I've made in the house while I'm in the middle of a 30 minute project...that lasts for days on end!). Our beautiful baby Luke and firstborn son is in heaven (You can read about that over on Burdens Made Light) and I'm currently loving mothering our second son, Jeremy. I love the outdoors. I prefer the children’s section of a bookstore, but decided to broaden my literary knowledge by joining book clubs wherever I live. I love to smile. I am a dancer. I love all things artistic. I love spending one-on-one time with people. I love all things baby, birthing, child, and family related. I value the importance of healthy eating, but am still learning how to balance that with my love for ice cream and my husband’s love for pizza. Oh and did I mention that I'm a "Mormon?"

And in case you were wondering...none of the above pictures are photoshopped! My husband really did graduate Brigham Young University with a master's degree. I really did go skiing days after finding out I was pregnant (don't worry it didn't do any damage to that little embryo, he's here to tell the tale!). And I really did get the opportunity to pose for the best picture my dance company at BYU had taken. With my mad dancing skills, a professional photographer (BYU's head photographer, Mark Philbrick, in fact), a beautiful spring day in Utah, and LOTS of jumping in to the air, we got that amazing picture. Pretty cool, right? Well if that wasn't the longest explanation about how those pictures are indeed legit...back to my story.

June 2011 my husband, Trevor, and I purchased the biggest craft project I’ve ever owned! Our lovely home in Payson, Utah. Can you see the excitement on my face?

That’s when I decided to actually start blogging about all my projects ... but I spent all my time doing the projects and (now that I think about it) blogging about the loss of my son and never getting this blog going.


A little back story about my obsession of house projects. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved all things home and all things crafty. My “Saturday morning cartoons” consisted of shows like This Old House and Martha Stewart and my after school projects (aside from dance classes of course) were paint-by-numbers, sand art, and cross stitching. My idea of a good time for a New Year’s Eve celebration was rearranging all the furniture in my bedroom. I even would surprise my mom by painting the walls when she was out of town! (Thanks, mom, for the practice!) So you can imagine how excited I was to have my own house to work on!


In April 2012 we become “landlords” (but that’s a funny thing to call it when some of your best friends are renting your house. Shout out to one of the best families I know! Miss you guys!!!). And are now we are renters in a townhome in Virginia. So this is where I decided to finally dive into keeping track of the crazy things I attempt as if being a full-time mom wasn't enough! But then I spent my time learning about and dealing with my baby's allergies. Then in August 2013 I discovered  this little townhome is actually a cesspool of mold! So we moved out and I'm in the mix of madness and mayhem, trying to restore some peace and normalcy to our lives!


And if this all seems a bit ramble-y about myself, it is! But you're still reading aren't you?! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by FITZ FIXES where I share and document my journey of making our home a place we love to be. Hope you might learn a thing or two from all my projects and adventures!

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Still wondering why it's called FITZ FIXES? My last name is Fitzgerald, I liked the alliteration, and right now I guess I'm trying to fix a lot of things--dinner, allergies, mold, health, habits, etc.!

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