Amazing: first half-day on a structured schedule

Oh my goodness! I mentioned yesterday when I was talking about our need for routine that today I was going to be implementing a schedule/structure to our day because I was going crazy and my toddler was causing trouble left and right!

It's not even noon and I'm already in love!

Here are good things that have already come out of it:

I don't think we've had any tantrums yet and we haven't destroyed anything/made unnecessary messes! 
Some days are just "off" days for kids and some aren't so maybe this is a good day. But we all woke up with colds and for a sick kid to not be particularly fussy is AMAZING. I think it is largely in part of pacing (the speed at which we're moving) and the plan. If I'm trying to get us ready and out the door Jeremy is doing a contained activity. This morning it was a couple Mormon Message videos while he was strapped in his high chair. I'm not really a fan of TV for kids, but I rather have him watching a brief (3 min) movie with a moral than pulling pulling all of my shoes off the shoe wrack.

Got us ready and out the door quick.
It also made be quick about getting ready to get out the door. I feel like this takes forever! But since I know I had given myself 15 min and Jeremy was only going to watch a few of the little videos I had to think quick and be efficient. Yay for not spending ALL morning just getting myself and the kids ready to go.

We've meet neighbors & seen construction equipment
Being out the door and outside in the morning is a delight. We were able to chat with neighbors while they were gardening or walking kids to school. We also saw the construction in action. Our evening walks were taking us past all the construction stuff once it was just parked and everyone was done for the day.

I got exercise and sunshine in and feel great!
I've been wanting to make exercise a part of my day. Ideally I'd be dancing but I'll take walking/running/jogging as a second option. It really gave me more energy to get through my morning. Normally after a morning of being home trying to entertain Jeremy he was worn out and board and so was I. Not today. Say hello to getting healthy and good bye to extra pregnancy weight!

No crying babies!
So far I was able to off-set the kids perfectly. I was able to nurse Clara before Jeremy was up...well that got off a little this morning so dad helped with Jeremy before he had to leave for work. Then I was able to nurse her while we played in the backyard. She cried a little here and there when I had to sit her down to help Jeremy with things, but not the screaming in the other room "feed me!" or "sleep me!" while my hands are tied with Jeremy's urgent needs.

Able to ask for help (which is SO hard for me, especially because half the time I don't know what I really need)
Like I mentioned before I knew I needed someone to get Jeremy breakfast because I knew I needed to wake and nurse Clara so I could actually ask for that. I also was able to leave them to figure out breakfast problems because I knew I needed just 10 more minutes for my scripture study. And I got it! It felt so good to say, "I can't help you right now" because I was committed to sticking to what I needed to do for myself.

I was happily able to do activities that would normally feel draining or go undone. 
Jeremy wanted to play in the water outside. I didn't really feel up to it, but since I knew outside time was ending in about 15 minutes I could commit to doing it. I know on any day I can choose how long or short an activity is, but sometimes I think I dread it because I don't know what I'll do next. Visions of tantrums as I stop the fun just because I'm tired but don't know what to do next would keep me from doing something fun. Today just knowing I was going to end the fun and shortly have some "me time" was enough to help me be engaged during the moment and actually let him do something fun and be a part of it to. (And would you believe we even stayed out and played longer than planned?! ...partly because we had some timeouts in the middle but we rolled with it and it was great)

Here are some modifications:

We opted for an early nap because Jeremy has a cold. We opted for a morning snack instead of lunch. (The perfect thing for him to be strapped down doing while I swaddled Clara and put her down!) And I'm going to have to modify when to nurse next because she fell asleep 20 mins before the next potential nursing. Still figuring her timing out! I opted to not start Jeremy on his "independent playtime training" because he's sick and we're going to use the pack-n-play for it. He's a little old for play-pen time and really should have room time. But it'll just be part of the training at least until we can make his room more safe (there are shelves he could climb on that aren't the most stable). I also put it off because we're going to have to shuffle our sleeping arrangements Friday night and he'll be sleeping in the pack-n-play and I don't want him to get confused.

Well the kids are asleep. I've taken time to write. I actually have energy and don't think I'll nap (not yet at least). So I'm gonna get the rest of our day ready and take some time for myself! Here's hoping it goes just as smoothly as the morning.

I am grateful God hears my prayers. Answered me with the inspiration that our family needed routine and especially grateful He has given me the patience, energy, and desire to teach so I can improve, love, and grow our little family! In God I am given joy and in Christ I am given strength. 

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  1. Yay, Shelley! Here's to little victories! I'm learning to celebrate those little moments of grace. And I LOVE knowing that God is with us in all the little details of our lives, especially when it comes to raising His precious children.