At some point in our lives I think we'll stop moving every year that we're married . . . or at least stop moving when I'm between 6 and 8 months pregnant (also a trend of ours!). I recently asked Trevor if he thought we'd live anywhere long enough for us to actually complete the unpacking, organizing, and decorating before we moved out. So far that hasn't happened! The visions in my head never seem to quite match up to either my time or money that I've allotted for my house projects. Maybe one day!

Our First Residence - Provo, Utah

Our Second Residence - Provo, Utah

Our Third Residence - Payson, Utah

Our Fourth Residence - Fairfax, Virginia

Our Fifth Residence - Vienna, Virginia

Movin' out of our Vienna place. The end basement unit was ours. 
Our Current Residence - Long Beach, California
El BaƱo

***** More Pictures and Tours Coming Soon! *****

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