Easter Activity

I let my toddler watch a show and make messes while I got this activity ready today! One day I'll think of putting together activities ahead of time...maybe!

We subscribe to The Friend magazine. We modified the activity on this page a bit. I "laminated" (with packaging tape) the pictures of Christ and the corresponding quotes to some card-stock circles I punched out of scraps.

I had my son hide in the other room as I hid them around the living room. As he found each one we looked at the picture and read the story on the back. Then he put it in his bag and got to go find another one. It was a fun way to make telling the story of Jesus Christ and His atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection a bit more interactive.

After we "played" it once, I hid them again and Jeremy got to collect them and put them in his Easter basket instead of the bag. He really liked that. On the second go-around I had him tell me what was happening in the picture. I was surprised how quickly he already committed to memory many of the scenes and events we had just discussed. 

I look forward to being able to store this with our Easter decorations and use it in the future too. Maybe some years older kids can help hid them while the younger ones look for them. For now, we'll see if this activity will keep Jeremy's interest a few more days this week. I hope so! It was a fun little thing to make and do. 

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