5 Informative Articles that Make Me Avoid Foods I Used to Eat

We all have foods we avoid, you know, things like lima beans! Does anyone even like lima beans? Who's idea was it to even put them in those frozen veggie mixes?! My guess is they got put there because no one buys just a plain bag of lima beans (except maybe my mom). Gross. So gross! (sorry Mom, it's true)

If you've seen my list of articles that changed my life then you know butter, bacon, and foods with saturated-fat (the good kinds, that is) are NOT foods I avoid. Mmmm bacon. Let's just think for a minute on how good bacon tastes. Mmmmm. bacon. (Bacon from pigs that were allowed to forage outside and had a healthy life that is!) Hey, maybe people wouldn't avoid lima beans if they were cooked with bacon!

And yes, I know this picture is totally off-center, but guess what, naptime is short. I could have fixed it, but ain't nobody got time for that!  

Okay now that we've had that bacon moment together and we're ignoring my crooked picture, let me tell you about some of the foods that I do generally avoid:
  • I avoid sugar . . . well most of the time (mmm...ice cream, Nielsen's Frozen Custard, quality chocolate, okay don't get me started! Remember we're avoiding this?!)
  • I don't use agave
  • I never use vegetable oil or Crisco
  • I never use "cream of  ______" soups 
  • I don't consume soy products 
Does this mean if you have me over for dinner and you made a box of Betty Crocker brownies with veggie oil I'm going to turn it down? Probably not. Does this mean if I'm at your house and you serve up some Hawaiian-haystacks made with cream of chicken soup that I'm going to pass on dinner? Probably not. But it does mean when I'm in my own kitchen I WON'T be using these food items to feed my family. 

Check out these articles that changed my thinking on some of these foods. 

Three "health" foods to avoid (spoiler alert: soy, agave, and canola oil)

The Ugly Truth About Vegetable Oils (not the first time I've mentioned this one)

Sugar Love (a not so sweet story) 

What do you think? You wanna start having amazing pie crusts made with butter and lard too?

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