How to Spend Full Price on a 1/2 Price Ham (and other laughable real life mishaps)

Shortly after New Years I was so excited to see some quality hams for half price! I'm sure they were just trying to clear out the inventory since they were left over from the holidays. No biggie. I have a freezer, I'll just cut it up, freeze it up and have yummy ham for:  ham fried rice and ham sandwiches and ham soup . . .

. . . and all that would have been nice!

We ate nearly half the ham for lunches and snacking and then it got tossed in the fridge to deal with later. "Later" should have been that night!!!

And now I find myself mourning the loss of my ham that is now bad and has to be thrown out. About 1/2 a ham.

So here's the equation:

pay 1/2 price for a ham and eat half and throw out the other half = pay full price for a 1/2 price ham!

Yep, that's how you do it. #stupidthingsido

My Poor Neglected Ham
Just so you know, I have "not wasting food" on my goals right now. If I was perfect at this, it wouldn't be a goal! So we'll work on it this year. Speaking of goals for the year, I also have building family relationships on my goals right now and it happens to be higher priority than healthy eating and being frugal/not wasting (I can't wait to tell you all about this process of making/prioritizing my goals!)

That brings me to pointing out that the only consolation I have to offer myself about the ham my poor planning/wastefulness (maybe it's an excuse for my bad behavior, but either way it makes me feel a little better about the whole stupid thing) is that the day or so after I bought the ham, you know, when I "should have been" slicing and freezing it, I went on an outing with my niece and nephews. Getting to spend some time with my sister-in-law and her kids is more important to me than being frugal or healthy. And sometimes in life we just can't get to everything and the important things have better come first! So there it is, my justification explanation.

Lesson learned - ask for help in the kitchen when there are time sensitive items and more to do than you have time to do! Oye, if asking for help weren't so hard for me!


As for the other mishaps of that week . . . WHERE TO START?!

This picture frame that I love from my best friend that holds held a picture of the LDS DC Temple that sits used to sit on Jeremy's dresser.  Yeah. I moved it to the ground so he wouldn't knock it off while playing with his box of wipes on his dresser (favorite post-diaper-change activity). Then I sat him on the floor so I could climb behind the dresser to retrieve items he has tossed back there.

And I hear a crunch! He sat on the frame! Shattering the glass. So much for me moving it to a "safe spot!"

Good thing vacuuming is currently a daily chore. Check that off the list!


The big bowl of potato salad that I tried to stack like a game of jenga or tetras on the top shelf of the fridge with lots of other unstable bowls and thigns underneath it. Bad idea. You may have already seen this picture on instagram of facebook. I received so few condolences there for the loss of my best big pyrex bowl, I expect your grievances will be arriving in a card in the mail because a comment on facebook just wouldn't suffice for such a loss. Kidding . . . .kind of. Because, let's be honest, it indeed was real tragedy to lose that bowl.

Good Bye Potato Salad and Pyrex Bowl
The Bowls Final Resting Place
The Disaster Zone! The already full top shelf did not equal a good place to sit large glass bowl!
Oh yeah, good thing daily vacuuming is on our daily chore list!


The wheat ....dumped all over the carpet. So much for tidying the house real quick before picking up Trevor at the metro! He later got to witness what looked like an infomercial for the vacuum because there was so much being vacuumed up. Lesson learned - do not puncture thin plastic bag full of grain with your finger while walking from room to room putting things away! Everyone repeat that three times and just never do it! Okay? Thanks. Your carpet will appreciate not experiencing wheat dumped in a huge trail across the house!

My right-hand man of the week!


Have you had enough yet? At least this one doesn't involve vacuuming!

This is the time that I turned my back while getting stuff out of the fridge and the little toddling-baby knocked a bowl of homemade chicken stock (read: valuable food item that brewed for 6+ hours on the stove that was going to be used in an upcoming recipe) over. It spilled all over the fridge, dumped into the vegetable drawers, and all over the floor.

The Remains ... "Goodbye Homemade Chicken Broth!"
The good news? It forced me to clean out the fridge and find hidden veggies and things in there that needed to be used! Check that chore off the list! Oh wait, add that chore to the list then check it off! (Does anyone else do that?)
Mr. Innocent "Can you blame me? You're the one who left a disaster waiting to happen at my fingertips!"
Hello Fridge Contents Whom I've Been Avoiding

Sparkly Clean!!!
Oh and don't forget to let the bottle of olive oil slip out of your hand and all over the stovetop your amazing husband just cleaned!

Goodbye previously-spotless stovetop!


How's real life treating everyone else these days? Are you able to laugh off the mishaps and move on from them? Does this insanity just increase with more kids?   


  1. I add things to my to-do list just so I can cross them off all the time! Makes me feel more productive. :)

  2. Oh, Shelley! This was all so hilarious . . . and yet sad at the same time! :) *sigh* Having kids is a busy thing. My Mom said (and I've found it to be true) that the fun multiplies with more kids, but the work doesn't really. Two kids = twice as much fun, but not twice the work! And while it's true that you really already have two kids, Luke isn't really adding to the 'burdens' of motherhood. Don't worry - your capabilities will grow with the size of your family. :)

    1. It's true! Luke is a pretty "easy baby" as far as the day-to-day normal mothering goes! I like your mom's philosophy! Now if I could just remember to utilize naptime to get work done instead of relaxing so much --oh pregnancy!