Under Construction

My blog is sexy under construction and I know it. 

I can't tell you how long I've been meaning to start a blog about all the stuff I do around here! I always wish I had a blog up and running especially when someone asks for a recipe after I bring a dish to a party or someone inquires about how I painted my furniture because they want to try it or someone wants to know how I sewed my own maternity skirt.

What's the hold up?!!!

Blogs are easy to make and I even have another one that even gets some traffic now and then. So why not post stuff about all this daily life stuff I do?

So here's the deal. I, one, have been pegged as a perfectionist and, two, am always conscious about how things look.

I can still remember the day standing outside my fourth-grade classroom and my teacher said something about how I was a perfectionist. "No I'm not," I insisted, "besides, what's a perfectionist?" I guess she was kind of right. I didn't want my work to be anything less than perfect. I always wanted the 'A.' I wanted my work to look just right and I would miss part of recess to work until I was satisfied with my project.

As far as being conscious about how things look it's usually a good thing. It's what allows me to enjoy staring at a wall scrutinizing exactly how and where to put the frames. It allows me to look at colors of quilt fabrics (sometimes with the help of my friends) and pull together a great combo. But unfortunately it has also been my crutch to starting a blog.

My blog doesn't look just right. The conversation runs through my head. How can I post stuff online and have people come to a blog that doesn't look good? I don't want to have an ugly blog. I want to have a blog that looks legitimate so people will want to come to it, will want to share it, and if I'm lucky even pin some of it! And if my blog doesn't look legitimate, what if other people think that I think it looks okay. What if they think that I think my ugly blog looks good! How can I promote a blog that looks bad? What if I don't participate in link-ups, and post to facebook, and tweet about stuff? What if I can't post enough content to keep people coming back? 

So my inability to create a blog that looks just right and my fear of not being able to run the perfect blog has kept me from creating one at all. I've tried starting one in blogger, I've tried starting one in wordpress, I've observed great blogs created by friends and expert bloggers and quite frankly I've simply just gotten hung up on it's appearance and the logistics of it all.

The real question is How will anyone come to my blog if it doesn't even exist?! So...

I've decided to forge ahead with an ugly under construction blog.

I realized that my desire for a beautiful and perfectly run blog was keeping me from having one at all and I'm finally fed up with it.

I remember some advice from Sherri and John over at YHL. They talked about how they learned not to wait to invite people over when the "house is done," because it never will be. There's always a project in the works and you can't let it stop you from having people over. So I figure the same applies with Fitz Fixes for now. It's kind of under construction and I've decided to be okay with that and to just invite people over anyway.

And the interesting thing is that I am realizing the same thing about myself. I'm under construction. I, of course, want to be perfect at all of my endeavors at all my goals at all the attributes I'm trying to posses. But I'm not, yet I can't let that keep me from forging ahead.

So welcome to my life and my blog that is under construction.

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