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Every mom knows that when your child sleeps and eats is what rules your life. Especially with a new baby.

I hate to talk about sleep and babies and their sleep because the last thing a sleep-deprived, exhausted, bleary-eyed mom wants to hear about is the success of your baby's sleep. So fortunately I'll spare you and won't include the number of hours I did didn't get last night.

The one thing I will share, however, is this website I stumbled across last night. Every parent chooses to parent differently and I totally honor that. But without knowledge and resources you may not know what to try. So here's a website I stayed up way too late last night to read.

My Baby Sleep Guide

I found much of the information helpful, especially her chart with how long a baby at a certain age on average should sleep and or be awake.

Because of some of the information on this site we're trying some new things (what we had goin' on wasn't quite working). I don't claim to have anything figured out. This is my first attempt at raising a baby and though I love to read parenting books, magazines, and websites I never claim to really know what's going on. Perhaps, that's because everything is a phase and once you "figure it out" it will surely change! So maybe I just try to avoid jinxing myself when things are going well. But I think some things I learned are helping.

So if things aren't going how you'd like them to with your baby and sleep this site has tons of info.

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