Fleeting moments: relishing what we have today

When we first moved to California (just a few months ago) I discovered our backyard had this big beautiful bush covered in these bright pink almost rosette type blossoms. I couldn't get over how gorgeous it was and how lovely our yard was with so many flowering plants. We felt like we moved to paradise.

I thought about taking a picture or something but didn't bother. It was gorgeous, yet I could just come look at it whenever I wanted.

And then life got busy with the bustle of settling in and caring for a toddler.

Soon I noticed there were almost no rosettes left on the tree. I was a little shocked at first. I had just assumed that's how that tree always was --covered in stunning flowers. I hadn't realized we had moved in at its peak season and it had been blossoming and would shortly be over.

What would I have done different if I had known? Perhaps cut some branches off so I could enjoy them inside too? Perhaps sat outside near the tree for my morning scripture study? Perhaps taken some pictures? Maybe all of those.

The last flower in bloom.


How often do we miss the moment. Do we really relish what's before us?

There were so many good things in my life in Virginia: a new-found writting group with amazing women; dear friends with similar philosophies on parenting, eating, and teaching children; family a short distance away; history abounding; my beef-fat fried garlic fries. Mmmm....those fries. 

I think I relished those things. I really think I did.

But sometimes we don't know when things will be fleeting. A favorite restaurant. A happy time of life. A joyous friendship. An opportunity to work with a particular person. A child's life or a parent's life. Those things in Virginia I kinda knew they were coming to an end before we had decided to move for sure. But the people in our lives ...we just never know. The good and the beautiful things around us...we just never know.

Life is busy and life is hard, but this blossoming tree has reminded me to cherish the wonderful people in my life and the wonderful moments. Even if they are fleeting or small we can still tune in and notice the beautiful things in our life while they are present since we don't know how long they may last. 


May God bless me to never take for granted the good that abounds in my daily life. 

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