3 Methods for Looking Good with Greasy Hair

Okay, I've never considered myself to be fashionable. Because, lets be honest people, I don't know who's who in pop culture and staying up to date on the latest "trends" (at least dressing trends) is not my forte. Although as a side note, thanks to pinterest and my style-inclined friends, when I go looking for house decorating ideas I get little snippets of trending outfits and ideas. (Thanks ladies!) Anyway, what I'm saying is I'm CHEAP and I don't pay too much attention to famous or trend setting people so I'm not out buying the latest and greatest clothes fashions.

Nevertheless I like to look good and feel good in what I'm wearing. I also like to accessorize. It just might not be the trendiest thing that I throw together. Although the good thing I've learned from watching some videos and doing is littler personal digging is that those TRENDS aren't even a good fit for MY TRUE STYLE. Okay but that's a post for another day!

Point is - I wear nasty sweats at home and if I don't wake up before the baby there's no hope of a shower. So sometimes my hair gets n-a-s-t-y! But when errands gotta be done and life must go on we gotta forgo washing the hair because some days ain't nobody got time for that! Yet I still want to look good when I go out.

So here's some ways on how to FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT (to the shower).


Best invention ever!! (at least for the lazy busy mom). Spray it on your greasy roots. Leave it a few minutes, you know, while you brush your teeth or throw on some mascara. Then brush it out. It masks/takes out/covers up the grease and leaves your hair at least looking fresh ... and smelling pretty good too.

I personal love Big Sexy's Volumizing Dry Shampoo (there are other brands, but this has been my favorite so that I've tried). It adds a little more volume and shapability to the hair. I've even found that spraying it on one day will last through a whole 'nother day . . . or two. (Okay people, just being honest, I don't get around to washing my hair often.) If you can't find it at your local super-store, ask your stylist to pick you up a bottle from the beauty-supply store. It's worth every penny!

Hint: Often times it's too hard to de-grease your whole head so just make sure the top looks good, wear your hair down by throwing in some sporadic curls (seriously takes less than 2 min), and use your hands to scrunch your hair while you spritz with some spray. If you pull your hair up you're going to expose more greasy hair that's next to your scalp (sides of head, back of head, etc.) that would otherwise be hidden by your hair being down.


If you're a mom you probably have some of this laying around. You can sprinkle it right on your hair and brush it out. Although I find that it usually DUMPS out, so I put some on my hand and then rub it on my hair near the scalp. Then brush it out.

Sometimes this is enough. Other times it seems to work better if you do this, and then get a little spray bottle to moisten your hair at the roots and blow dry it out. This helps lift out the grease and helps make the powder not just be settled on your hair or scalp.

WARNING: This method should be tried carefully on brunettes, because sometimes it can look too dusty and leave you looking gray! I bet if you played with it a little (know how little to use/blow it out good) you could make it work for you. Just don't try it for the first time when you're running out the door for that important job interview . . . or whatever you don't want to embarrass yourself at.


Yes my child is diving out of my hands while I try to snap a picture before we run out the door!
This one is kinda a no-brainer, but if you get yourself a cute hat or scarf it can totally be your go-to for gross-hair-but-need-to-be-somewhere days. Just yesterday I opted for this vintage scarf (read: I stole it from my mom's stash when I moved out) and pulled my hair to a high pony-tail bun. Seriously just pulled the pony part way through and tossed a few bobby pins in to secure it. I look better with some more bangs showing, but those were the nasty, greasy guys I was covering up at the time!

Vintage hat equals great cover up for no-time-to-wash hair!
I have also loved having this hat as a go-to on some days! You may have seen it as the picture on my breastfeeding post.


What are other mammas doing? Have you totally given up on looking good? What are your quick tips for looking good? Do you get up early or squeeze in a shower during naptime or just forgo it like I do?

As for my other cosmetologist mom friends does your hair really just look good all the time because you know it has to if you want to keep your clientele?!  

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