Be Yourself: Be Your Best Self

I don't claim to have it all figured out, although I'm afraid in some situations I put off that vibe. Just because I can show up to church with my hair in near perfect curls (or at least I used to) and my accessories totally matching or my living room can be spotless upon a visitor's arrival, I think people just might think I have it "put together."  . . . Or maybe no one thinks that I've got it put together after all --especially if they really know me. And now that I think about it, I really don't know what anyone thinks . . . and I guess that's the funny thing about life and about deciding to blog about it. People are going to think something of me and I'll never really know what that is or be able to control it.

 But what or rather who is the me that I decide to put out there?

I guess, even though, I'm twenty-something I'm still trying to figure out who me is. And the funny thing about that is that a person is ever changing. I can really be whoever I want to be!  Or at least become who I want to be.

So even though I think this blogger Angie is hilarious to boot in her matter of fact way of putting things, and the 71toes blogger  (I don't even know her name) is remarkable at sharing her deliberate parenting with real life ups and downs yet ever so positive tone --I am not either of them or any other blogger or person for that matter.

I'm ME.

So who is me? Well I'm still figuring that out.

Some days I'm a little depressed.
Some days I am truly happy.
Some days I am grateful.
Some days I am judgmental.
Some days I am humble.
Some days I am full of laughter.
Some days I am bossy and stubborn.
Some days I am open-minded.
Some days I am not.
Some days I'm kind of witty.
Some days I am organized.
Most days I am not.
Some days I am satisfied with who I am ... some days.
Some days I am empathetic.
Some days I am a good listener.
Some days I am prepared.
Some days I am indecisive.
Some days I know just what I want.

I'm a lot of things. And I guess that is what makes me great. It's what makes all of us great.

When I was running for Miss Sandy I came across a little home decor tile (those things were all the rage in 2007!) that really resonated with me. I had been feeling like I had to fit some mold to qualify for the city royalty. So I think I tried to be that . . . for a while. And then I realized that that wasn't true. So during those days and weeks that I was preparing for the pageant this little home decor item with it's inspirational saying went up as decor in our little apartment (I realize I didn't even ask my roommates, I just put it up, sometimes I guess my bossiness is subtle like that). I digress! This was my reminder, my motto, my commitment to being ME.

and just in case pictures aren't loading for you

In A World Where You Can Be Anything

And if I were to change anything about that saying it might be to be your BEST self. (You know, without the subtle bossiness, or temper, or whatever follies you're working to overcome).

One little fact about that Miss Sandy pageant is that even though I came away with a crown for 2nd attendant, that wasn't my most proud accomplishment. It was winning what would be considered the "Miss Congeniality" award or the "Contestants' Choice Award." I was so touched and honored that the other girls voted for me. I hadn't anticipated winning this award at all, but I think it shows what one of my greatest attributes is:


I genuinely love and admire other people. I think the girls felt that. I think even though I may not always be the best at conveying my love or being friends (distance and time time-management seem to be great enemies in that department!) that fact is that I look up to you and admire qualities you have. If  I know you, I love you. This is true for so many people: people I went to school with, people I danced with or cheered with or sang with, people I worked with, people I met randomly, family, friends of friends, people from my birth class, hair stylists, store employees, roommates. 

So in this world of self-publishing, I am sure I'll say something that will probably offend (even though that's not my intent), something that may not be true to myself or true to the best self I'm trying to be, and some things that may not be the tone I'm actually trying to relay. But the truth is I'm learning, I'm trying to improve, and I have a big heart. 

I hope I can do better in my day-to-day life of not only feeling love for others but showing it too. 

So I move forward with a renewed commitment to 

Be My Best Self 

and to 

Show Love


What do you think? Do you feel like you can be yourself? Do you feel like you're your best self?

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  1. I love this entry, Shelley! I know we only met once, briefly, and I had the honor of making crepes for you, but you are SUCH a loving person. That comes across very strongly over your facebook and blog... what a wonderful quality to own! Of course we are still learning who we are... aren't we aren't our best selves yet, that happens in Heaven. We can continue to pursue excellence, though, which looks different from perfection. I think of that scripture that talks about being in the world not of it. I may not look successful to some or may to others, but I just want to live up to the daughter of God He created me to be :)