Questioning the World Around Me

Sometimes I get a lot of my information from blogs. I read what other moms are doing and learning, and I glean information from them. I'm sure many people are critical of this being my source for a lot of my information. Luckily I have in the past couple of years learned to question everything. Something I was never taught to do. Even when I was asked to write a paper on questioning things in college I couldn't bring myself see it any other way than to feel like to question was to doubt and to doubt was to not have faith.

Now I know differently.

To question is to seek more understanding and knowledge.

And that is what I am doing. I question what doctors recommend not because I think they are wrong (well, okay, sometimes I think some of their suggestions or thought processes are wrong, but we can talk about that another day!) but I question to better understand.

Many may doubt my reasoning and choices, but I take pride that I look at the whole picture. My choices may not be perfect, but I make the best choice based on the information I currently have. I am willing to learn more and better understand things and that is why I feel good about how I'm making choices about my family's nutrition and health. I look to friends I trust, books, and a variety of online resources and even the teachings of my Church. I am eager to know how other cultures do things. I am curious to know how it was done in another era. What does the word of God teach me about a particular topic (this is a huge factor in my decision making!)? What does western medicine say about it? What about eastern medicine? What do Americans say about it? What about other countries? What does the United Sates CDC say about it? Is that congruent with current research published by the World Health Organization?

And as for taking advice from what is sometimes referred to as "mom-blogs" (which I guess now that I'm a mother of two, I fall in to that category) I do it because I feel like the proof is in the pudding so to speak. When my friends and fellow bloggers share their stories of health and healing and learning about their own kids and families I believe them. Yeah, sure, I am certain their are some moms making up some fake stuff, too, but really people, for the most part I think moms are the best resource because no one and I mean NO ONE is going to dig as deep and search as wide and far as a mother will to find the answers that will help her family. Now that is research that is not driven by doctors or government or pharmaceutical companies or anyone else with any other political or financial agenda. It is a quest for knowledge driven by LOVE. And that is a powerful thing!

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