Beware of "Mold Inspectors"

This document says well just what I was afraid of...

Frequently, assignments are in response to an owner or occupant who questions the condition of their property after a “mold inspector” has completed their inspection. What is determined during the telephone conversation or upon arriving on site is that indiscriminate or unnecessary invasive techniques have been used to open wall or ceiling cavities to visibly detect mold in those cavities. The space is left in that condition by the “mold inspector”.

Indiscriminate stripping of wall materials or the use of tools to create wall openings to visually detect mold should never be done. The occupants are potentially exposed to the airborne spores that have been disturbed. The HVAC system is also potentially compromised. Further, the background levels of spores in what may have been considered “noncompliant” areas during remediation are now often questionable and may have to be considered as part of the affected remediation areas.

When Patrick our friendly mold inspector came to test for mold he shouldn't have let me unscrew the board that opened up the crawl space. It just let it all out. And once we let it all out it went through the entire house. Hence mold on Jeremy's baby swaddle in the upstairs bedroom, mold on the butter in the kitchen, and mold on my drum in the basement. There wasn't a floor of the house that didn't get covered with it.

So, even though a nice guy, he wasn't educated enough on the severity of mold and how to properly test it. I didn't know better. He doesn't know better. And now all our belongings are potentially covered in mold spores.

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